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Powered by Advanced Technologies

The most efficient water heater on the market.

An awarding-winning technology for intelligently optimizing water heater operation.

HeaterHive's interior displays smart and advanced technologies
These two state-of-the-art technologies join forces to provide a
transformative hot water source with enhanced hot water supply,
large energy savings, and drastic carbon footprint reductions.

What is a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid electric water heaters, are the most advanced water heaters made by US manufacturers. They extract heat from surrounding air to heat up water, similar to an air conditioner removing heat from inside a house. But instead of rejecting the removed heat to the outside, heat pump water heaters utilize the heat as free energy for water heating.

HeaterHive uses ENERGY STAR heat pump water heaters, which are more than three times more efficient than normal electric water heaters.


Heat Pump Wate Heater

Improve Health & Safety

Heat pump water heaters are cleaner and safer than the gas water heaters installed in many California homes. Unlike gas water heaters - which emit multiple combustion pollutants that cause air quality and respiratory problems - heat pump water heaters produce zero emissions.


Replacing your gas water heater with a heat pump water heater reduces harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide and eliminates the risk of fires from gas leaks into your home. 

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions from California Homes

A pie chart displaying greenhouse gas emissions from California homes

Water Heating 36%

Space Heating 22%

Others 18%

Lighting 4%

Air conditioning 5%

Cooking and dishwashing 5%

Refrigerators and freezers 10%

Based on home energy use data provided in:

Fight Climate Change

Similar to electric cars, heat pump water heaters are a key technology for reducing fossil fuel consumption and fighting climate change. In California, buildings represent 25% of the state's total greenhouse gas emissions and gas water heaters account for more than 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions from homes. According to the New Buildings Institute, replacing a gas water heater with a heat pump water heater can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70%. 


LOCUS Smart Control

Just like a fast horse needs to be guided by a skillful jockey to win the race, an efficient heat pump water heater needs intelligent controls to unlock its full energy savings potential. Our award-winning LOCUS Smart Control optimizes water heating operation according to hot water demand, electricity price, and renewable energy availability.


This technology provides additional savings and benefits, including energy bills reduction, enhanced hot water supply, and significantly lower carbon emissions.

Electronic Circuit
LOCUS Smart Control
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Benefit from Low-Cost Electricity

Did you know your electricity rates are much higher during evening peak hours and lower during daytime off-peak hours? With the LOCUS smart control, HeaterHive automatically heats and stores hot water during off-peak hours to avoid expensive electricity use. This technology can reduce energy costs for water heating by more than 20% if your electricity rate is high during peak hours.


Use Clean Energy

Renewable energy, such as solar and wind, has zero carbon emissions but is not available all the time. The LOCUS smart control aligns heat pump water heater operation with renewable energy supply so that most of your hot water is produced using clean electricity. Your hot water use will become a source of support for renewable energy.

For homeowners with rooftop solar panels, the LOCUS smart control maximizes the use of free electricity from solar energy to reduce reliance on utility companies. 

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Be Well-Prepared for Power Outages

Utility companies increasingly schedule power shutoffs to reduce wildfires risks. LOCUS smart control helps you prepare for these power outages by producing hot water ahead of time.

With a dual-tank design, HeaterHive provides twice the amount of hot water than normal water heaters during power outages.


On Demand Hot Water Delivery

Get tired of dumping water down the drain while waiting for it to heat up? LOCUS smart control speeds up hot water delivery. Through a special bypass valve installed onto pipes connected to a bathroom faucet, LOCUS sends hot water out before showers and handwashes using a circulation pump. Save time, frustration, and over 700 gallons of water a year with one quick installation.  



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